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Into the Woods
  Deck Stage Manager

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by James Lapine
Directed by Mark E. Lococo
Music Direction by Michael McBride
Loyola University Chicago
Newhart Family Theatre


Production Stage Manager: Jake Snell

Scenic Designer: Tim Mann

Costume Designer: Rachel Healy

Lighting Designer: Lee Keenan

Mentor: Katie Klemme

Photos: Joe Mazza

itw 1.jpg

New Position

INTO THE WOODS was the first time Loyola has ever had a Deck Stage Manager, so I helped to pioneer this role. 

Part of this was learning to work collaboratively with the Production Stage Manager and his two assistant and my own assistant. We worked together to make sure everyone felt heard and appreciated while also developing new practices and paper work.

Though this I also took the lead on all backstage aspects with a particular focus on all things props. I worked closely with the Props Artisan and Technical Director as their point person. 


A big part of this production was the found object concept. This lead to there being a lot of puppetry being involved. 

The puppets were very delicate so I helped take the lead on handling and tracking them. This mean I would help make sure actors understood how to use their puppets and helped them get them on. 

I also even did my own performing with shadow puppetry and as the giant's hand. 

itw giant hands.jpg

Wolf (Will Cheeseman) and Rapunzel (Clare McCabe) as the Giant's Hands


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