Radium Girls
  Assistant Lighting Designer

By D.W. Gregory
Directed by Jonathan Wilson
Loyola University Chicago
Mainstage Live Zoom Performance

Scenic Designer: Tim Mann

Costume Designer: Rachel Healy

Lighting Designer: Lee Keenan

Sound Designer: Christopher Lopez

Stage Manager: Olivia Ash

radium main.jpg

Radium Girls Trial

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Radium Girls Grave Yard

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Radium Girls Dream

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Radium Girls Trial

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Natural Lighting

RADIUM GIRLS is a play based on a true story. In keeping with the historical accuracy we decided to have the light reflect the setting. Since  the play spans a few years I went through the script to determine season and time of day to help better inform the lighting designs. 

The exception to this was a dream sequence (seen above) where we used blue light.

Light Plot

As the Assistant Designer I got to help com up with concepts and colors for each scene. As well as help focus the lights. In doing so I got very good at reading and interpreting our light plot. This made much easier for me to make notes or fix problems as I knew where each specific light was.