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Devised Work

Twelve Olympians

Directed by Grey Smith
Loyola University Chicago
Second Stage Lab

Fall 2021

Ares: Momina Shahzad
Hephaestus: Joseph Cunningham
Hermes: PJ McMahon
Poseidon: Sam Contreras
Aphrodite: Rebecca Walker
Apollo: Brody Melia
Artemis: Maegan Pate
Dionysus: Alaina Lim
Demeter: Gina Saglimbeni
Hera: Kiana Ledin
Athena: Duncan Corbin
Zeus: Makenna Van Raalte

Cinematography by Duncan Corbin

Stage Manager: Wency Hernandez

Morbid Curiosity

Loyola University Chicago
Second Stage Lab

Fall 2020

Devising Ensemble: Ema Kester, Max Stern, Sophia Duque, Momina Shahzad, Olivia Schierbeck-Jones

Stage Manager: Oliva Sullum

Mentor: Lee Keenan & Kelly Howe

Inspired by obsession with true crime, this project was a space for collaborators to explore their own fears through the creation of their own psychological thriller. Focusing on the writing process and inspired by shows like The Twilight Zone, collaborators wrote and performed pieces exploring true-to-life fear, pop culture, and crime.

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