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Our Town
  Assistant Stage Manager 

By Thornton Wilder
Directed by Jonathan Wilson
Loyola University Chicago
Newhart Family Theatre


Stage Manager: Gianni Carcagno

Scenic & Lighting Designer: Tim Mann

Costume Designer: Rachel Healy

Lighting & Sound Designer: Lee Keenan

Mentor: Katie Klemme

Photos: Joe Mazza

Ourtown 1.jpg

Moving Pieces

The set was largely abstract, so furniture was used to set scenes. It was my job as ASM to track all these set pieces and any props that went on stage.


A lot of the time actors helps with scene changes, so it was the important for the paperwork to be as detailed as possible

Cast Size

OUR TOWN had a cast of 23 people. It was important to build a community among them. We had 90 hours of rehearsal, so it was important we were creating a welcoming and educational environment for everyone to be in. 

With that many people back stage it made organization key. 

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