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Much Ado About Nothing
Assistant Stage Manager

By William Shakespeare 
Directed by Sarah Gabel
Loyola University Chicago
Newhart Family Theatre


Production Stage Manager: Allison Sparrow

Scenic Designer: Tim Mann

Costume Designer: Rachel Healy

Lighting Designer: Lee Keenan

Sound Designer: Gustavo Leone

Mentor: Katie Klemme

Photos: Joe Mazza

Ensemble Driven

MUCH ADO had a large cast and many of them were on stage often to help create ambiance. This meant there were a lot of props moving around to help create the scene.

It was my job as ASM to track this and move props around as needed. 

Team Work

Before rehearsal began we had a mix up on team. This meant we all had to take on tasks we weren't expecting. We worked together as an SM team to over come this. We worked to support each other and make it a really collaborative effort.

ado crew.jpg


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