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The Wolves
  Stage Manager

By Sarah DeLappe
Directed by Jonathan Wilson
Loyola University Chicago
Mainstage Live Zoom Performance

Scenic Designer: Molly Cornell

Costume Designer: Rachel Healy

Lighting Designer: Lee Keenan

Sound Designer: Gianni Carcagno

Movement Coordinator: Devon de Mayo

Mentor: Katie Klemme

wolves process 1_edited.jpg

Zoom Theatre

THE WOLVES was Loyola's first mainstage show that the entire process was virtual. All production meetings, rehearsals, and performance took place on zoom. This provided a unique challenge for everyone involved. 

As SM part of my job was coordinating different time zones and helping keep track of all the props, costumes, and equipment being sent to the cast. Communication was key on this show. 

Safe Space

This show was about the experices of teenage girls, so the cast often made very personal connections to the characters. I wanted to make sure the cast had a space where they felt comfortable talking about their experiences and discussing the heavier topics in the play. This show was also fairly movement heavy. 

I worked with our Devon to check in with the actors each day to help maintain their mental and physical wellbeing through the show.

SM Team dressed up for the Halloween show

Wolves SM Team dressing up for our Halloween performance


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